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Groin vibrations
This vibration thing just started happening today 05 19 12.  In my case it feels more deep in the groin like at the base of the penis or the prostate area.  I have Hypertension, a history of kidney stones AND some lower back discomfort depending on shoes and how much time standing / sitting.  I'm in my early forties and have been trying to stand more recently to avoid too much time sedentary at the computer.  I do take a generic multivitamin everyday with an occasional switch on the brand if I forgot to take it at home.   Fearing a kidney problem with no insurance, working 40 hours per week in the greatest country in the world, I started drinking water.  After 3 brisk twenty minute walks the vibration increased from 2 seconds with a 5-7 second pause to a 2 second vibration to a two second pause.  Very grateful to find this forum.  The vibrating stopped shorty after the third walk for about one hour.  What I have in common with some others here is high blood pressure, history of kidney stones and possible recent back strain after yard work the previous day.  The vibration is returning slightly, depending on my position.

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