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Hi..im not sure wheather you can help me with my circumstance. Im a 21 year old male wirh i guess health weight and height.... As you probably agree my period of puberty is over and all the changes i was supose to experience i should have experienced. But i feel as though a few changes have not occured yet. Is that possible? The first change is that during puberty ther is supose to be muscle which i feel has not happend as my arms are extremely skinnny and bear very little muscle. ANother is also that during puberty there is an enlargement of the genitilia, which again i feel has not happened. Although i can experience a erection, my penis size when flaccid can be as small as 2-3 cms and mazimum 6cm. I also feel as though i suffer from prematue ejaculation as when masturbating i ejaculate very qwikly. Being a early medical student and was recently studying prostate cancer and i came across hypogonadism, so i was wondering could this be indicative of hypogonadism?
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