Is Male Sperm should be Slippery or Thick
by honey120, Dec 30, 2008
I, have a doubt is male sperm quality should be slippery or thick to concieve pregnant. I use to drink a plenty of Water And Juices, Carrot, Orange, so, to concieve How the sperm quality should be.. If slippery can my wife get pregnant
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by Dalubaba, Dec 30, 2008
You ejaculate semen which contains million of sperms.Taking juice or more water does not dilute your semen.Usually semen is like a nasal discharge.
Semen is examined microscopically to confirm whether you have enough no. of sperms.One can't judge from the appearance of the semen.If the sperm count is less you can always increae them by medication. so do not worry about the semen's appearance.
by madwoman1978, Mar 01, 2009
If my boyfriend sperm runs like water. can i get pregnant?