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This may not be the right place for what the subject is really about Jackulation I can't find a place for it anywhere it's close to my health problems of Asthma.

Now don't take this the wrong way I'm going through Jackulation times which is why I smell like masterbation that's what jackulation is it happens automatically sometimes sometimes in long streams of sperm and sometimes in small drops of sperm and it makes you smell, when I'm out I'm sure everyone can smell it cause I'm sure I hear them report it not all that sure they do cause I have quiet ears that go almost def when they say certain words.

Us males go through that above I believe it happens when we're in our 30's I saw one program on Tele the other day and he mentioned Jackulation.

That's what a male gets.

This is legal.

Stop reporting me if you are for it it'll stop on it's own eventually cause it's all part of our bio clock and there's some adults that need to grow up.

Your not children anymore.

Does Jackulation stop and it's perfectly normal for Jackulation to happen that smells like sperm.

I'm saying the above in a mature manner cause I've grown up I don't go running to mummy etc cause of used a certain word above if you do then that's childish.

Any help and advice on Jackulation happening to me just before and on Friday 13th August 2010 I would appreciate it.

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