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Large areolas on a man - is it normal
I was wondering if it is normal for  a man to have large areolas?  I am pretty sure it is not and before I ask how to reduce them, I did some research and saw I have several complicating factors.  These are:

1. Medication
I am currently on Risperdal (1mg) and Zoloft (250mg) for anxiety, depression, and OCD.

2. I am obese
I understand being obese can cause the areolas to increase in size but I think mine have increased significantly since I started taking these medications.  Granted, I have also gained some weight but I am not sure what to attribute this situation to.  Maybe this is a case of pseudogynecomastia.  I really am not sure and was hoping someone could provide me with answers.

My question to the community is how can I help remedy this situation?  Of course surgery is an option but I would prefer that to be a last option.  Should I consult my physician about removing me from my medications?  What if its decided I should continue and I work extra hard on losing weight, will that likely resolve the situation?  

I am curious to hear what I should do because from what I have read, if they stay this way for two or three years, its permanent and I wouldn't be comfortable with that.  I am not comfortable with it now.  

If it makes any difference - I am 28 years old.  Thank you for your advice!
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