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Low T- Coming off Androgel Questions
I have been on Androgel for 3 years. My Endo has done an MRI. That came back normal. My T levels before medication therapy were in the 200's. For 3 years on Androgel daily my T levels were always in the 360's.

My Endo wants me to come off the Androgel so she can see what will happen and most important try to figure out why my body is not producing enough T.

I stopped the therapy cold turkey. I saw the Endo 4 days into the DC of Androgel. She said do not refill the Rx and lets start the process of coming off. If you have had no trouble with withdrawal after 4 days maybe you can handle it.

Took blood levels and have a follow up in 4 months. I am on day 6 without Androgel and I am starting to feel bad. How long will this last and will it get worse? I have a high tolerance for pain and being uncomfortable if I know it is going to ease up within 2-3 weeks.

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