Low sperm motility. what should I do? please help!
by mary27, Mar 30, 2006
I just found out that my husbands Sperm Motility is low.
We tried to concieve on our own for 12 months..nothing happened. So I went to the doctor and she sent me for all sorts of test(blood,ultrasounds,and they checked my tubes for blockage) everything was normal-good. so the doctor said I have no problems. My husband went for semen analysis and the doctor called yesterday and said that we need to go see her because my husbands sperm motility is low. I'm scared of what the doctor is going to tell us next week. is she going to tell us we can't concieve? has anyone been in this position before? what should I expect? is there other methods of concieving? Please help I'm really stressed by this news.
Thank You,

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by momma5, Mar 30, 2006
Hello, well do not lose hope we also went to a fertility doctor after trying for a year to concieve and had alot of test done and also were told that my husband's sperm was lazy which is also the same as low mobility well we were told that we had a few choices we could go with invitro, fertility drugs or just keep trying ourselves well with the money situation we decided to leave it up to our sweet lord and keep trying ourselves and low and behold 2 months after recieving that news we became pregnant and now I am 33 weeks and 3 days and anxiously awaiting our LITTLE BOY! after having 5 girls and waiting a long time for a boy. My husband is 44 and I am 40. And yes 5 girls with ages of 25,24,23,20,and 15. So like I said just keep trying and pray to the lord because miracles do happen. May God bless you and your dh. GOOD LUCK.
by AndiJ78, Mar 30, 2006
Sometimes motility can be increased with the addition of supplements or even caffeine. Try having dh start taking ginseng (check with your doctor before starting to rensure there aren't any contraindications) or even adding a few cups of coffee to his diet. Both of these have been shown to help. At this point, it really couldn't hurt to try, right?

Good luck!


Try googling "low motility" and see what comes up.
by funkynina, Mar 31, 2006
My husband and I tried for a year also. I checked out ok and we did not have my husband tested. Congrats on your husband going to get checked! He must be very supportive and want a baby too!! What we did was chart my cycle and I found out I was irregular. I think drs. say you are most fertile 14 days after your period? or something? I took the average of the 4 months we charted and got my most fertile days. We had sex everyday that week!! Which it is great for your marriage when you are trying to get pg!! Then of course I tried the old trick of laying with a pillow under my hiney for about 30 mins. By the last day of that week my poor husband had made all the love deposits he had in him. But luckily the next month I took a ept and it was positive!! Then the day I was actually suppose to start I took 3 more test just to confirm it!!Ha! Ha! I couldn't believe it was positive b/c I had many b/4 that were neg. Now we have a beautiful yet silly 2 1/2 yr old daughter!! We are hoping to have another one soon. (Not pg now!- Not ready yet!). But, of course my husband hopes it takes another year to concieve this one. Men...they really enjoy those practice sessions!!Good-luck!!
by mary27, Apr 01, 2006
Thanks everyone for all your comments I greatly appreciate it.
We're going to the Dr. on tuesday. I nervous of what she's going to tell us. This whole year I thought there was something wrong with me. but it turns out that its my husband. Anyways i'm keeping my fingers crossed. And I have purchased a fertility monitor (clearplan fertility monitor) to exactly find out when I'm ovulating. I'm hoping this will help. Although my periods are regular every 28 days exact. Thanks again for all your comments.
by lorriep, Apr 05, 2006
I've heard if DH's underwear is too tight if can effect sperm
motility.  Is he a brief or boxer man?  If he wears briefs,
you might have him try boxers to see if that helps.
by AnnJ, Apr 05, 2006
Mary, I've also heard zinc supplements help sperm, and if he smokes, he should try to quit. Diet is very important, too. I am a believer of "you are what you eat." If the stuff he's puting into his body is unhealthy, the stuff that comes out will be unhealthy, right? I'm sorry, I know that's gross.
by hopeful69, May 12, 2009
HI, my husband and I dound out his sperm was not strong enough and the dr said that we coudl not get pr on our own. We tried invetro and my levels collapsed 2 days before retrieval. We could not afford to try again. This was 3 yrs ago...we are still waiting for a special gift, but I am losing all hope. I am going to be 40 soon and I wish there was something that he could take to help his sperm along.
by jennster, Jun 10, 2009
I am dealing with the same problem. My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for 3 years now. No luck. We try not to let it affect us, but it is difficult at times, because we love eachother so much and would love to see and extended version of ourselves come into this world. The repro doc we had was not very optimistic about our chances of conceiving, so I think I am going to switch networks. we've tried almost everything, and can't afford invitro, so all we can rely on is our prayers. I'll remember to keep you in mine as well. Stay hopeful.
by omowunmi456, Nov 20, 2009
i have the same challenge as well,my husband and i have been trying to conceive for over 2 years now,we later to saw the doctor and discovered my husband has low sperm mobility,to be frank i am really worried.PLS GOD HELP US