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Male hormones effected by mother's progesterone shots??
I'm looking for other moms that report they were given 17-Hydroxyprogesterone injections during their high risk pregnancy, like myself who also report a son w/ low T levels, low LH, etc. and low sperm count. I'm trying to find out if the injections to the pregnant mom may have an effect on a male fetus hormone development, showing up later in his life, after puberty. I can not find case studies where these (17P) babies were hormonally tested as they aged. Only found 'ok' physical and developmental studies till age 5. We are waiting for progesterone test results to come back to see if too much or too little progesterone shows up in his body, and could be the root cause??? The injection (17-Hydroxyprogesterone aka 17P) states it blocks the mother's action of oxytocin and inhibits the formation of gap junctions. Might the male baby's hormone system be effected and not show up till he is older? Might need a medical researcher to answer these questions. Moms or a young adult male who report his mother having rec'd 17P injections and has low T levels, etc. I would like to connect please.  Researcher or docotors please submit you experience or knowledge w/ 17P. Thank you, Lisa
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