Masturbation causes pressure on my eyes
by WangFeather, Feb 23, 2013
Why does masturbation cause my eyes to feel pressure and hurt? I can also tell that I look different when this happens as I notice the look of "underslept eyes" yet this hasn't been the case. I get plenty of rest.  I am also positive that I am not the only who experiences this however this doesn't happen to many people who masturbate. I've often been told that this is in my mind only or if I feel guilty that I masturbate. Wrong answers.

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by NOHARD, Feb 24, 2013
Hi Wang, Just how many times a day are you masturbating?
by solace21, Feb 25, 2013
   Yes, it is possible to feel the pressure during masturbation in sensitive organs like eyes, as sexual excitement increases the blood pressure, have a look at the following article:
However, the same effects would be felt whether it is masturbation or partner based sex.

by WangFeather, Feb 25, 2013
Hi NO HARD, I masturbate 2-3 times ONE WEEK out of a MONTH
by WangFeather, Feb 25, 2013
The pressure to my eyes doesn't occur as I masturbate or feel pleasure, this happens 3-4 days later, not to mention fatigue...the darkness under my eyes has a lasting time of around 2 weeks and then clears up.
by NOHARD, Feb 25, 2013
Hi Wang If you sat you only masturbate 2/3 times a month, and your problem only accures 3/4 days later, I cant think how these are related, I could see a problem if you was masturbating 3/4 times in one day then get the problem, as then there may be some relation, bau to masturbate one day and 3/4 days later you get the eye problem, they dont add up?
by WangFeather, Feb 26, 2013
This has been going on for years. This is why I stay further away from masturbation. I have been reading about this subject for years, studying details and for a long time kept records. I have also heard of the "old wives" tales. There is more to it than what people either don't want to know or hear. I hope science can explain.
by NOHARD, Feb 26, 2013
Hi Wang, if you have not found this have a read up and googlr it, Coital cephalalgia.
Good Luck
by WangFeather, Feb 27, 2013
   No, Coital cephalalgia does not fit the description
MASTURBATION is pleasurable before, during and immediately afterwards...and even brings initial stress-relief however by 2 days after, my nerves feel a little shaky, jittery. By 4 days my eyes look like crap, SOMETIMES my body feels temporarily flu-like with sneezing and weakness. Shortness of breath is common and makes me feel like a WRECK. Complete recovery of the darkness in my eyes takes about 2 weeks, nerves calm down after eating a meal and gradually come to complete calm in about 6 days or so. Sometimes I wonder if these symptoms give others around me the creeps particularly because of the dark-eyes and jitters. My Mother has on several occasions thought I was high. Many years later I finaly explained.
Normal sex, one-on-one sex does not leave me feeling like this.  
Weightlifting, moderate running etc. seem to speed recovery and to maintain  a certain finesse however symptoms mentioned have sharper periods with shorter duration. I hope that many individuals will read this and START talking.
by NOHARD, Feb 27, 2013
Hi, Wang, Well you have the answer, give up masturbating and find yourself a woman, taken it your straight, then you can have sex as much as you like and get no eye problems, do you get the same thing if your are given oral, just a question, if thats a no, then you know what to do.
Good Luck