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My husband is unable to ejaculate, more like water coming out. We are g...
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My husband is unable to ejaculate, more like water coming out. We are going through Fertility too, Isn't this bad?


My husband is on several medications for his depression & anxiety. We have been unable to conceive for almost 10 years now. I have been diagnosed with PCOS. My husband just started taking a new medication about a year ago called Venlafaxine. When we have intercourse, there is nothing but water like substance that comes out. I know this cannot be good. With all the medications he is on we have no idea what to do. I do not want to go through a second round of treatment with fertility if he still has this problem the cost is just to high ($2300.00 per month).

He had his sperm tested before we started treatment a few years ago with no problems so my question is, can this be the result of this new medication he started? He is also now started taking Cipralex for his depression and he has stopped taking the other medication Venlafaxine.

Any recommendations?

Thank you

Concerned wife.
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it does not mean there is no sperm in the seamen .the consistancy  and colour is changed by diet and frequency of ejaculation .i would get tested again to ease your mind but i dont think its a problem . good luck x x
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Perhaps a semen volumizer would help you out. This would allow your husband to produce up to 500% more semen & is known to increase sperm motility. Of course, you should check for interaction just to be safe.

Hope that helps.
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I'm 62. I drink very little. I smoke some weed I get high. Here I'm by myself. I ejaculate only spurts of water. I'm considered bi polar and take many medications that could be the problem.
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