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Need Help - My Life is In Crisis!
Dear Doctor,

My name is Karthik and I am from India. I am 28 years old. I travel a lot between US and India. I am really embarrassed to discuss about this to anyone. My wife who was with me just for 4 months after marriage has left me, after picking a terrible fight with me and we are separated. We loved for 2 years like anything before getting married! My wife advertised to everyone including my parents and relatives saying I can only masturbate and I can never have sex! This affected me like anything and destroyed my confidence. I can't understand why my erections disappear when I see her private part! I also have lot of foreskin and I am not circumsized, not sure if this is affecting my ability to insert in her!

I searched a lot on the Internet to see if people have similar problems, but I cannot understand why I cannot have sex. My wife told me that i have a terrible problem and I can never have sex and I can only masturbate all my life. I read in the Internet about Traumatic Masturbatory Syndrome, but read it is only for people who masturbate facing down.

I have masturbated for the last ten years since i started masturbating on bed facing up. I masturbate daily. My wife and I tried to have sex a number of times, but my erection stopped when I see her parts. I watch porn films and masturbate and I do not have erection problems when I masturbate with or without seeing porn films.

My wife also thinks I have a small penis, though I have a penis which is six inches long, which I read in the Internet as average size. The first few times when I tried she cried and we gave up on sex, just before entering. But in the last month with her, she co-operated without crying, but I could not maintain my erection.

I don't know if there is a cure to my masturbation syndrome. My wife has left me forever and she has sent me a divorce notice asking for mutual consent.

I am seriously depressed because of my condition. I cannot focus on my work and am developing social phobia. I avoid speaking to people and avoid group meetings. I am leaving office early and am getting severe headaches.

Increasingly, I am getting phobic about my future. I was a confident man before marriage, but my confidence today is at an abysmal low.

I don't know how I am going to cope and what future I have since I am from India and everyone of my relatives know about my problems!

I really need help! I really hope to see a reply to my condition. I am dying in serious depression!

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