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New and a urinary kidney issue and questions
I am just at 40 and in good health for most part. No drugs no alcohol no smoking, ever.
I had a issue the other day where I had small while balls in the toilet after I urinated.
Went to Doctor and took a sample, of course the small white balls did not re appear but did a urinalysis. The 1st part done at clinic came back and said my liver is slightly elevated, the Doctor says it is most likely non alcohol fatty liver disease.
I was told to change my diet (i am 5'8") 160 lbs. She said to loose 10 lbs and exercise more and drink 8-10 glasses of water daily. She was going to run some more tests and took a blood test also. rescheduled a apt 1 month out.
Today however, when I urinated a small reddish mucus type thing in urine in toilet. I start this morning a Liver cleanse with beet, apple and carrot extraction, and dandelion tea and no red meats, no fats no white foods. (sugar flour rice etc) Anyone have information on this and do you know what would cause the mucus or small white balls? Not hard and no signs of kidney stones. I have no pain etc.
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