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Oral sex
Thank you Dr. For your information ..
May i ask you about what happened to me? , my friend tells me  it's odd to ask , but I still somehow concern.
Six weeks ago , i was very drunk in the bar , and a strange woman ( looks like tranny ) , took me behind the bar , and started to performe oral sex on me ( i'm being sucked ) for a minute . Then my friend came to me , and took me home ..
After what happened , i went to clinic ( two weeks after that )  , and tested for hiv and herps , the results is negative ..
Now, there's a small red spot under the red circle on my penis ( sorry ) , it hurts me just when i touch it ..
I don't now what it is . It might be from doing so much masturbating ??
Also , that was my first experince in sex with others
..What's the possibility for getting any thing from my encounter ..??
This week , i went also to clinic i did the test again , and the result coming on 4 days .
If it is negative , When i should redo the test again??
I'm 25 years old ..
Thank you very much :( , i was so so strickt about sex , so that i haven't had sex till now , till i find my women :(

Best regards
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Yah and there's somehing , i put my pen** on her back hole , not insid , but on it, it didn't get insid :(
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