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Painful red bumps around anus
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Painful red bumps around anus

It started about a week ago with small white bumps right around the hole, which were fairly painless. I suspected it was Hemorrhoids, so I have been putting Preparation H on the infected area for days.

Over time, the white bumps have turned into these areas that have spread outwards to larger, raised red bumps, some with white tips. It has gotten progressively worse over the past week and it's affecting me at work as it is extremely painful to walk and to put underwear on that will touch the area.

I will probably head to the doctor to get it checked out in the next day or so if the problem persists, but I was just wanted to know if anyone has either experienced this or knows what this is?

I am a healthy male in my mid 20's, HIV -, and no STD's. I'm very careful when it comes to sex as well. I'm really clueless as to what this is, how it developed and how to treat this thing that is beyond excruciatingly painful.
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sounds like hemorrhoids to me,,, but you really do not know,,, had a friend who stepped off his front porch and the next day he had a himeeee,,, i also have had em,,, i'm 55 now but i was in my 20's when they first got me and a couple in my 30's,,, mine came about due to heavy lifting,,, went to the doc for the first one,,, hurt like hill,,, he cut the sucker and mashed it,,, yep,,, hurt like hill,,, said to myself; "nope,,, never again" got to be something better than cut and mash"

preparation H is no dang good,,, only thing you have then,,, is a greasezzzz himeee,,, still hurts,,, nope,,, that stuff is no good...

gonna tell you what the doc's don't,,, have gave this advice to many and all say the same thing,,, "THANKS" a hole bunch "man that really worked"

Here's what to do,,,at night before you go to sleep lay on your back with you but proped up and place a bag of ice on those suckers,,, hold that ice there as long as you can,,, do this several times,,, each time hold that ice there as long as you can,,,but don't over do it,,, you may have to do this for two or three nights,,, after the two or three nights of icing you will see,,, with-in a few more days the pain should be gone and the himmeees will eventually fall off in a year or so,,, if this does not do the trick,,, you will have to go to plan B,,, go see a doc...  there could be something more to the hole thing than just himeees,,, but the ice will work if it's just hemorrhoids
good luck
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