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Painful skin under head of penis
Hello, I have a question about something that has started up today, but has a few months worth leading up to it.

I've recently had to cut back on the amount that I masturbate due to fear of injuring my penis. I took a long break and became sexually active with myself and my partner again shortly after. However, since moving to a new location I've had an issue where the skin of my penis is rolling up around the head (like I have foreskin, even though I am circumcised). Since this has begun, the skin around the ridge of my penis's head has become 'sticky' for lack of a better term. If I am erect, this feeling around my skin goes away.

Today, I woke up and discovered upon peeling back the skin that it was painful on one side. Quite a bit painful, actually, but only in the skin, and once pulled back, the skin stopped hurting. If I have an erection, there is no discomfort at all. There is no redness or swelling as far as I can tell, only the visible lymph channels underneath the skin. I have gained about 20 pounds since started school so I had assumed that perhaps this was the reason my skin has been rolling up lately. I shower diligently and thoroughly clean my penis, but the 'sticky' feeling won't go away unless I am erect.

Any advice on how to handle this? I have suspected some kind of fungal infection, perhaps, as it can't be STD related due to my being tested recently with clean results. I am worried the pain will only get worse but seeing a specialist is too far out of my budget at the moment.
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