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Penis issue Glans(glands) ridge a dark purple
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Penis issue Glans(glands) ridge a dark purple

I was diagnosed with Diabeties and Im now takeing meds for it as well as cholesterol issues. The medications I'm currently on are.

Metaformin, Lovastatin, and linisopril

Don't get me wrong I'm not some obese person, I have always been physically active play lots of sports, etc..etc Just since my daughter was born I had a sudden weight gain, not a lot, being 6'3 at 230lbs does not seam excessive to me. I do spend about 45 minutes a day doing cardio, and the doc wants me below 200.

but some things are hard to ask face to face with a doctor.

I have noticed a few things that concern me, some go back a few years.

I will start with the new issue, I noticed since starting the drugs that the glans (glands) area of my penis has started turning a darker coloer more purple, specially along the ridge. It also seams to be cooler to the touch.

Now the other issuse, I am no hung like a horse man, I'm about 6'5 to 7 when erect. But my flacid size as of late is really really small. and I mean as of the past few years I notice my flacid size has shrunk dramticaly, my erect size has never changed. It has become more like an innie if you know what I mean when i'm flacid. I am circumsized but find I have to pull the skin back when I urinate since the flacid penis seams to have shrunk so much.

It does not always remin in this state many times its the normal 2-3 inch flacid penis it always is. But other times it returns to this very small state.

It is very common after a workout or hard physcial work, I notice it has shrunk down greatly, and the entire area feals cool and clamy.
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Ran out of room so next part,

It also seams to shrink and beome cool and clamy after a hard bowel movement.

Again don't get me wrong there is no issue with ED, it always comes to life when my wife call's but I am mistified with whats going on with this shrinking flacid state, and now this purple color aroud the glans (glands). I'm worried there may be a blood flow issue in the general area.

I just turned 40 if that helps
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Stop taking the cholesterol medication immediately.
Start taking niacin for your cholesterol.
massage your penis 3 times a day with hydrocortisone cream.
You will start getting better in about a month.
Never again take any type of cholesterol meds.
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