Pinky sized penis hole
by sionbarzarhd, Mar 03, 2010
I need to know if this is normal, My penis hole is pinky sized and I can put my finger into it, Inside of that is a red ball thingy which opens up if I squeeze the top of my penis. My penis doesn't look like the penis diagrams or anything its slightly mishapen at the top it doesn't look like a regular penis at all.

Also there are tiny bumps on the head of my penis underneath the skin they are greeny/white and flow(Not move, Just look like they once did) towards this hole in my penis.

It's really embarressing and I've looked everywhere for these symptoms.
I have attached a picture of my penis to make it easier to describe.
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by miller16, Mar 03, 2010
You shold not be able to put your finger in your penis, and you should not have green like bumps. I would go talk to your doctor. Sorry to hear and see that you are having this problem.
by needanswers261, Mar 05, 2010
Don't listen to the guy above.  It looks like you are uncircumcised.  You are putting your finger inside your foreskin.  This is normal.  We are all born this way, but some people perform an operation (circumcision) to remove the skin off the head.  You should be able to pull the skin all the way back to uncover the head.  This may hurt and you may bleed your first time. I am uncircumcised and so are many guys. I don't recomment getting a circumcision, it would remove sensibility and you would enjoy sex less.
by Homester, Mar 06, 2010
No, you should not be able to put your finger in the "hole" of your penis.

You should ask your parents if you were circumcised tho.  If you were not, then you are just putting your finger inside the skin opening on the outside of you penis, you're not putting it inside the hole.  Also this red thing that opens up when you squeeze it is your penis head and your real penis hole that is opening when you squeeze it.

Uncircumcised penises often have white build up and other things around them that need to be cleaned.