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Premature Ejaculation
I am 20 years old. Since I was 18, I realized I had a big problem. The first time I ever tried to have sex i premature ejaculated instantly after penetration, and have been scared to try to have sex again ever since. Ever since then I notice that whenever I am with a girl, no matter what we do whether it's foreplay, dry sex, ect, I ejaculate extremely fast, sometimes within several seconds. With my first girlfriend, I lasted a decent amount of time during a handjob, possibly 8 minutes. But ever since my first time attempting sex with my second girlfriend I can only last a couple of seconds(yes, even during foreplay) no matter what I do. The strange this is that at home with masturbation, I am able to control it way better than when with a partner, and even then it is still not that long. My premature ejaculation problem has given me much less confidence than I've ever had in my life, and I sometimes wonder if it really will be this way forever. I fear I'll never be able to keep another woman. Please help, and please respond both on the website and to my email. Thank you.

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