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Prostate and Sciatic Nerve pain / piriformis syndrome
I was recently diagnosed with Piriformis syndrome/Sciatica upon diagnoses and MRI tests they also found my Prostate to be enlarged and the PSA is 3.6 it usually is around 1-2.  Could the Sciatica/Piriformis syndrome cause the Prostate to enlarge or visa versa?
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Sometimes a raised PSA level can be a sign of prostate cancer. More often though, it is caused by something less serious like an inflamed prostate (prostatitis); or an enlargement of the prostate that often comes with ageing (benign prostatic hypertrophy, or BPH). A single PSA test can’t show you whether a prostate cancer is present, or whether it is slow- or fast-growing.
The level of PSA can also be raised by:
prostate biopsies – PSA should not be tested until six weeks after a biopsy
having a urinary catheter (a tube to drain urine)
prostate or bladder surgery – PSA should not be tested until six weeks after surgery
prolonged exercise – such as long-distance running or cycling – may raise PSA for up to 48 hours
ejaculation – may raise PSA for up to 48–72 hours
Prostate gland is supplied mainly by hypogastric and pelvic nerve, so there isn't any reason why sciatica should be the reason for prostate enlargement. I think its age factor responsible for the rise in PSA and the enlargement might be the consequences of lack of sex. Hope I helped!
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