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Really really need help..URGENTLY
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Really really need help..URGENTLY

hey guys,i know this may sound stupid but please take this seriously....

a few days ago i posted this

"Hey guys,I have OCD so my mind latches onto anything that WOULD scare me! Anyways I had an OCD about getting people pregnant...which is just scary...

And because I used to MASTURBATE in the bath quiet rarely,and climaxed whilst inside (sick ino,old habit) I was wondering could I have gotten my MUM or AUNTY pregnant with their children :(

I have asked everywhere and people/sources keep saying NO you have not got anyone pregnant by that,but I'm still very anxious and scared? What if I have...I feel to go and kill myself right at this moment....

(I never did sex education,so be kind to me)

99% of sources said no,u canget pregnant that way! But what if some sperm was left in the bath...or in the water...cud it swim inside the vagina through the water?! :( so scared right now"

this put my mind to rest for a while.......but

my OCD is not letting this gooo ONE BIT..especially because i have 4 year old sister..and my mind is saying i could of got my mum pregnant by this (4 years ago)

i can not sleep,im considering killing myself because this is to much to bear :(

i rarely ever masturbated in the bath anyways.

i spiked again ( a spike is when someone with ocd sees or reads somethign that makes them fear even more)  anyways i read this "legend" online that this BOY was masturbating in the bath and CLIMAXED,as he did his mum rushed in the bath room and got his son out off the bath (she was ruushing to work or something) and she bathed in the exact same water he climaxed in,and the story said that he got his mum pregnant..but it says that this story is a i dont know whether to believe this or not?

i asked ALOT of my friends and they said i have nothing to worry about,everyone mastrubates in the bath..BUT MY MIND STILL WONT KEEP WORRYING..JUST BECAUSE I HAVE A BABY SISTER (WELL SHES 4) i am really scared at the moment and i cant even look at my mum or sister properly..i know/doubt my mum would ever bath in the same water as me (shes a clean freak)

but what IF I LEFT SOME SPERM IN THE BATH...and it somehow swam into her vagina????! this is frightening stuff :( and i just cant stop worrying :( thinking that im a flipping dad...i want to kill myself and i dont know anymore,i cant live like this....worryign 24/7 id rather be dead,and im considering it:(:(
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No you can't get anyone pregnant this way!! Call a doctor onimously and talk to them they will out your mind at ease... K It will be ok.. TH
he sperm cant swim threw the water up your leg hang on and then into your vagina. I have OCD also about somethings and it's horrible. It will consume you to where it will drive yourself nuts.. Your fine.. =) enjoy ur day. BrokenN2  
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Hi Boywonder, For a start your killing youself over this, what you read could never happen, and I mean never happen, the best thing you can do is google the life span of the male sperm, and take it from there, then you will read what it can do and the kind of things that will kill it, it you get yourself an education in male sperm that should help calm down, and see straight, but again I will tell you, male sperm cannot live in bath water or swim around in it, it will die as soon as yourelease it.
Good Luck
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