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Recurrent epididymitis or residual pain?
Hello Medhelp community,

I am an 18 y/o male who has been battling epididymitis for the past 2 months. This first consisted of a trip to the ER, where the ultrasound came up negative for torsion or masses, and the urinary analysis was fine. Thus, it was decided that I had epididymitis. The urologist prescribed 5 days of cipro, infection came back. Then 7 days of cipro, infection came back. Then 4 weeks of cipro, which I completed 4 days ago.
During the last week of the cipro, the only  pain I had consisted of discomfort in the epididymal tail as well as a large lump on the spermatic cord of the testicle. These symptoms are still present after the antibiotics. Is it a sign that there is residual pain to deal with (with NSAIDs) or is the bacteria not being beaten by the Cipro? There is no urinary or pelvic pain, just pain in the epididymal tail, and the presence of the lump in the right spermatic cord.


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