Ring under head of penis.
by wylde21, Jul 31, 2006
i have a semi-hard ring under the head of my penis, it looks like a vien but its too firm.It kinda feels like cartalidge but i am con fused and dont know what to do. Its there when i am erect. please help.
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by wylde21, Aug 01, 2006
Actually i was doing a search on google and found a guy who posted a quistion just like mine, but he never got a answer back.
by complete, Aug 01, 2006
Hi,I guess you are the only guy who for some reason or another has grown his own little "French Tickler"!I would not worry about it unless you start having pain or growing other landmarks that should not be there.Good luck.
by stillcurious, Aug 01, 2006
This happened to me too about 10 years ago (I am 30 now - how old are you?)  It started as a small bump on the top part of the shaft, just below the glans and just under the skin, then grew finger-like around the shaft of my penis to the underside.  Just like you said, it felt cartilage-like.  I was quite upset by it, as it seemed to be spreading, and even went to see a urologist.  He said it was probably a minor inflamation or scar tissue, and not to worry about it.  It is now 10 years or so later, and I have not had any problems with it.  It is still there and noticeable when I am erect, but it is not so noticeable that it is freakish or anything like that, and it has posed no obstacle to my sexual performance.  It seems that the finger-like "scar tissue" grew in a period of a couple weeks or so and then stopped.

So I think you will probably be alright, but I would suggest to go ahead and get it looked at.  Always better to be safe.  But like I said, don't be troubled too much; it is probably nothing serious.  I have not had any problems at all until a recent issue which I highly doubt is related.
by wylde21, Aug 02, 2006
thx man. im not worried as much.
by fiery_rose, Sep 01, 2007
I had this problem when I was 46. It was painful for me whenever I had sex, so it was necessary to have a circumcision performed (since I wasn't circumcised as a baby).
I asked the doctor what caused it, and he suggested "too much masturbation". That may or may not be true.  :-/
by Alaris, Jul 24, 2010
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by michealjson, Apr 29, 2012
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by michealjson, Apr 30, 2012
is this ring removable at all?