Slight bump in pubic hair region - what is it?
by huey85, Aug 25, 2006
Hi there, i'm new to this site/forum and i'm starting to worry about a problem i've come across. I've had a slight lump/bump in the area of my pubic hair, about 1cm away from the base of my penis and it is like the size of a pea cut in half. it seems to be growing underneath the skin and it does feel slightly sore when i touch it. if i press down harder on it it hurts more and does slightly go red. it doesn't look like there's any puss or anything like it inside, it is quite firm and looks like an mosquito bite, just hard instead of soft.

i read around and some people have a similar problem and they have been said to have an inflammed follicle in the pubic region, the only problem here is that i don't shave my pubic hair, i only trim it.

any help on this subject would be greatly appreciated as i'm starting to worry about it! thanks.
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by stillcurious, Aug 26, 2006
How long has this bump been there?  I am not necessarily saying that it is an ingrown hair, but I thought I would mention that you do not have to shave a region to develop ingrown hairs.  Hairs will grow for awhile and then fall out on their own and grow back (that is why your pubic hair and body hair does not grow beyond a certain length).  A new hair can become ingrown just like a shaved hair can, although it happens less frequently.
by siren of the sea, Aug 26, 2006
sounds like an ingrown hair. there is a solution i buy called tend skin and it is for just that ingrown hairs.
by huey85, Aug 26, 2006
it's been there for about 3 - 4 days now. maybe it is just a pimple? i'm thinking that because earlier today i pressed on it and a bit of white liquidy puss-like stuff came out.
by huey85, Aug 27, 2006
thanks for the replies, i've never heard of tend skin; not sure if it's available in australia. maybe there's a different brand of the same thing here.
by LuckyC112, Sep 06, 2006
Hello All,

I was reading this post and wanted to say that I have something very similiar, they are Hard type bumps in the pubic hair region only, I do not shave, however I do trim my pubic hair, Also I have noticed that on two of the occasions that these bumps appeared they became more or less like a blood blister almost, I have been checked for STD's within the past year and am married with only her as the partner, My first initial fear was an STD but after reading these symptoms here it sounds a whole lot like my situation, could it be possible that ingrown hair bumps if bothered enough become blood blisterish?

by biker112, Nov 28, 2007
I have the same problem too, i scratched at it, and only a little blood came out, and it got slightly smaller. I have had about 3 in 3 months, one comes after another. Is this an STD, can anything be done? thanks
by biker112, Dec 02, 2007
Can someone please help? One of my bumps just swelled up over night, which is kind of scaring me, its never done this before....
by geust87, Jan 12, 2008

I read on another men's health site that these bumps are overactive sebaceous cysts because I had gotten one too about 2 weeks ago and it initially was very sore but the soreness went away on the base of my penis but the red/purple bump was still there. I am not and havent yet been sexually active so I ruled out STD's.