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Sore, Sharp Pain, In Groin Area
New to this forum.

Not sure what to make of this. Just in the past couple of days I noticed that near my groin area, just right of where my lymph nodes should be, there is a sore (if pressed hard enough), sharp (once in awhile), on the left side of my body. I have looked at pictures on the net, in the area I think its located at, and the only thing I can see is the Seminal track region.

When I go pee, it doesn't hurt. When I poop, it doesn't hurt. When I ejaculate, it doesn't hurt. However, when I masturbate, I am getting the sharp pains a little more often.

I masturbate quit a lot and also have sex with my wife several times a week. Could it be that I have over done it? Or could this be a hernia? Maybe my lymph nodes are swollen, but the pain isn't in that exact area.

I also thought it could be a fat deposit I just irritated by pressing on it? I have several of those and when I press on them, I get a sharp pain. I saw a doctor about those, but he said they are harmless.

Don't know what to think....
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