Splitting Penis Hole Opening
by Jeff79, Dec 24, 2006
I am circumcised, but that doesn’t really have anything to do with my problem. The hole at the tip of my penis that the urine, and what not comes out of it ripping. The hole is getting bigger and it hurts when it gets brushed up against and sometimes when I urinate. It looks normal at quick glance but you can see that it is tearing under closer examination. I am really concerned because it is ripping more making the hole bigger. I know it’s not suppose to rip like it is and I am not sure what to do about it of if it will get better on its own. Any help would be great. Thanks.
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by Stevenneedhelp, Jan 27, 2007
Something must be done cause I too have this problem.If left just like that it will tear more,just like what happened to me.What was a slight minor tear many 8 years ago is now torn to 6mm.It's freaking me out as I can see it getting worse.There ain't much about this incidents on the net.pls someone advise on this issue.
Tks and Regards.
by faad, Feb 04, 2007
Me too have this problem but found nothing about it on net. plz some one help.
by aword, Feb 21, 2007
O.. yea. i have the same problem as well. this happened after i was curcumcised, this a prior cause factor? and now the penis hole is getting bigger and more obvious.. should i notice actually there're two holes, one at the normal tip of the head.. another at just below the head on the underside. when i look at them closer.. actually both are ends of a bigger hole of the penis urinal passage.
for example, normally i used to urine with the tip hole, but not be becoming noticable i always urine with two holes , at tip and underside, it's embarassing. whenever i urine forcefully or in a 'pissful' way... the big urine passage will be opened up and have a big flow.

until now when i ejaculate, it's still normal as it only come out from the tip hole instead for the time being. Worry the hole will get bigger and matter worsens for my sexual disfunctionality.

P.S. I tried to use the lubricant and the petroleum jelly thinking it might be too dry, but no effect.

Please advise me what kind of surgery or cream i can use.. to 'conceal' the additional penis hole.

Hope my description is affirmative enough.

by aword, Feb 21, 2007
i have the same problem too
by jess209, Nov 11, 2008
my boyfriends looks like it has two holes one at the tip and one slightly under it i have been told it is not normal  
by 123jump, Jun 02, 2009
hi i have this problem of penis hole splitting mine split to a whole cm down from my hole and was red where it split and i went to doctors and she said it is normal and nothing major and gave me sum antibiotic cream for the redness, she said if the split was goin the other way (up from the hole) then that is serious and need surgery, so i feel relaxed knowing now tht evrything is ok  
Yeah that's weird because yesterday I noticed that with a guy I was with before ingauging in sex I saw th his whole wasn't circular so I got scared and decide not to do anything with him asked him why was his hole  slit like that he said it was just a regular circumsision ad that I was ruining the mood but oh well seems abnormal you shoud ask your father or an older guy maybe its an aging thing... that is if you're not sick down there
by akeedah, Dec 28, 2010
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by rahulsinghh, Apr 07, 2011
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