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Symptoms to what?
I have dry wrinkled glans it's not flaking or sore but you can see it's extremely wrinkled but it can also be kind of a dry but sticky at time but no discharge or fluid.

My glans don't inflate with blood fully and I cannot get a full errection no matter what time of day. I took gingko supplements which increases the blood flow that made a recognisable change in the blood flow to my extrematys.

I also found a lump on the front of my right testicle the other day it's pritty large like a pea but it seems to go on further than just a simple ball shape it's squishy and nt painfull I sometimes get a dull ache in the groin area but never for long

It also looks like my penis is twisted to the left when errect but when it's flaccid it looks normal

Guess my question is does these symptoms match anything and what would the doctor do to fix it?
Please don't just say go see your gp/doctor I have seen my gp and waiting for a appointment from a urolagist but my gp has given no advice or information at all since it was a practising gp
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