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Taboo questions for the male community
I always wanted to know but never dared to ask:
1. Do men who refuse to use condoms fear that they lose their erection when putting them on?
2. How "bad" is the loss of sensitivity with a condom for men compared to without?
3. Does sex after childbirth (woman, obviously...) feel a lot different, even if the woman does tons of kegel exercises? And is there a difference in how many children she has had?
4. What do men think when their intimate partner is acting like a porn star (with all the sexed up media one tends to believe it is a must)?
5. What do men suggest to prevent their marriages going stale in regards to sexual relations?
6. Do men ever talk about sexual anxieties with their partners or just on this web site?
Thank you for any replies. I am just a curious person...
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