Trying to naturally increase semen volume with supplements and diet...for Her pleasure.
by ledzep, Mar 23, 2007
I don't really have a "relationship problem", just a desire to enhance our sexlife. I'm not worried about sperm count as she is already preg. and due in April. I have a pretty good diet and don't smoke and don't drink beyond a beer or two, same with coffee. I am increasing my water intake to assure hydration. Pelvic exercises have been done and for control they do help. But,is there really any truth in the claims that herbal supplement companies make about increasing volume of semen? They all seem to mention "clinical tests" or "scientific test results". But yet they don't have any links to read the results for yourself and they never mention well-known schools or hospitals as having done the tests. I tend not to believe any of them. I would like to find a diet or supplement to my diet that would increase my volume of semen. I just don't trust these websites that claim "500% increases". I think the testimonials are contrived and fictitous to say the least. Any help out there? I want to to do this since she finds the volume to be sexy and quite thrilling. It does tend to extend the feeling if I'm giving more to her. Anyone have any recommendations?
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by marra, Mar 24, 2007
semen does not increase pleasure ,its your technic you need to work on . a pregnant woman does have diffrent sensitivitys than normal and her being so close to due date will make it uncomfortable for her anyway . you need to face facts you will have less sex now and even less when baby comes !
please talk to her find out what she enjoys now and work on that ,but be understanding that she is not going to be enjoying much at the moment .
she will be tired and emotional and not be interested for a while but give her a few months then work on improvements in the bedroom .just be there for her untill she is ready .
wishing you luck with baby x x
by ledzep, Mar 24, 2007
Thanks for the reply marra, I am not trying to over do anything with her at this time. My comments about her pleasure are referring to our normal sex life, I didn't mean to imply that this was while she is pregnant. We haven't had any problems since we found out that we're having a child. I guess the advice or changes that I'm lookinf for are for when things go back to a normal situation 6-8 weeks after the baby arrives. Just wanting to please her.
by sunseeker, Mar 26, 2007
I don't understand why you would want to increase volume.  Unless you just like to make a mess. My experience is that women don't like a whole lot of semen because it takes days for it to 'leak' out.

Like the previous poster stated, Volume does not increase pleasure.  I actually experience stronger orgasms on my second or third orgasm/ejaculation when I'm near dry.
by debaser23, Apr 01, 2007
People are different.  There ARE some girls who get off on a lot of the stuff.  They like the mess, so to speak.

I don't know the answer to your question, though.
by donb643, Nov 02, 2007
Here a few supplements that are fairly cheap you can take that definitely will increase volume and especially semen quality/consistency:  

L-arginine (4,000mg/day) -- works to increase nitric oxide which helps with erection and sensitivity; also increases semen volume and quality.

L-lysine (1,000mg/day) -- increases semen quality and consistency.

Saw palmetto (standardized extract) -- I recommend a product called Prosta-Metto, sold by Puritan's Pride (  This product contains the saw palmetto, pygeum, uva-ursi, and pumpkin seed oil extract, all of which work to condition and keep the prostrate healthy.  If you get this product, take 4-6 twice a day with meals.

Lecithin (1 capsule/day) -- increase semen quality and consistency.

Maca -- take lots of this, as it helps increase semen volume (clinically proven to improve semen quality -- see "maca" at for references).

Yohimbe -- I would recommend another Puritan's Pride product (mostly because they're the least expensive) called Viper.  This product contains the yohimbe extract along with kola nut, oat straw (avena sativa), nettles, korean ginseng, horney goat weed, catuaba, muira puama, damiana, and also saw palmetto.  All of these work to heighten sensitivity and pleasure during sex (which works for higher semen volumes, right?).

Amino acids -- get yourself a whey protein shake mix and drink one to two of them a day.  This will help with volume.  Remember, your body will use its resources for the most important things first, reproduction being towards the bottom of the list as "important."  Whey protein will provide you will all the necessary amino acids, some of which work to create nitric oxide and other substances.  You will notice healthier orgasms and probably increased volume.

Water -- you've already got this one down.  Keep it up.

Time -- of course, the longer you go between ejaculations, the higher your volume will be!  Give it at least two to three days in between, along with the above supplements, and you'll be surprised.

Foreplay --  take your time before rushing in!  If you increase your foreplay by, say, 10-15 minutes, your body will have more time to produce semen in your seminal ducts.  Your prostrate will make more semen in 20 minutes during foreplay than in a whole day.  Just take your time and relish the foreplay.

I hope this helps.  Despite what some have said here, increased semen volume does heighten the experience for the man, and likely for the woman.  About the "mess" -- well, if you don't want a mess, don't have sex!  As for the pleasure, yes, increased volume does increase the pleasure -- not necessarily as far a more intense orgasm, but as a sense of satisfaction.  Most men feel a little discouraged if they know they only dribbled.  Satisfaction is the name of the game here when it comes to volume.

by ehunter, Nov 06, 2007
The first poster is asking if there are any reliable scientific studies that indicate any of the advertised products work.

Without a reliable study... people most likely are getting scam-ed.

In summary, post a link and hold back on the hand waving please.
by ehunter, Nov 06, 2007

From the above link, the opinion of an informed doctor:

Is it possible to increase the amount of semen that is ejaculated? Not ejaculating for several days will increase the volume of sperm and the other fluids. Most men have noticed that if they ejaculate several times in a day, the second and third ejaculations will have less volume. Some people think that prolonging foreplay before ejaculating increases semen volume by increasing the blood supply and fluid production of the prostate gland. Other than these two factors, there is probably little that a man can do to increase semen volume. Variations in diet and exercise may modify the components of semen, and change its taste, but do little to change the volume. Various herbal preparations are available which claim to increase volume, but I know of no reputable research that has verified these claims. Based on my understanding of the sources and components of semen, I would be very dubious about the effectiveness of herbal supplements.
by donb_fl, Nov 07, 2007
if your trying to increase sperm COUNT, then HCG shots is the only thing. Volume means ****, if your trying to get her preggers, the # of healthy sperm is what counts..
by donb_fl, Nov 07, 2007
never mind, read it wrong