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Umbilical hernia as an adult
Hello. I am a 25 year old male that has been in good to very good physical condition most of my life. I am 5'-8" 173 lbs. 14% Body fat. I recently noticed a small lump above my belly button after coming home from the gym. I am not or was not in any type of pain or discomfort, I just happened to be laying down an touching my abs when I felt a small maybe pea sized lump above my belly button. The lump is not visible through my skin. I do feel some discomfort when I press down on it.

I was told by a friend of mine who was a doctor in Colombia but hasn't practiced since arriving in the US 12 years ago, that I wasn't anything too serious. I do not want the hernia/lump to grow. But I want to continue lifting weights. What can I do?   Is it necessary for me to get surgery? I don't have health insurance and can not afford to go to a hernia specialist at this time.

Please advise.

Thank you very much,

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