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Warts/moles in pubic area... with body rash
I've made appointments with a dermatologist and a urologist, but unfortunately I have to wait about a week to see them. My signs and symptoms are as follows: Looking down at my pubic area (more specifically within my pubic hair) there is a small group of 5 or so bumps, warts or moles to the left of my midline,  directly above the base of my penis, and I found one significantly smaller bump/ wart or mole on my scrotum. They do not itch, cause me pain or bleed and are strictly unattractive at this point. They've been there for a few months now so since they haven't gone away, I've decided to get checked out.

The second issue I'm having is that I have developed some sort of rash on my upper body in the last few days. I first noticed it as a patch near my right collar bone, and it has since showed up in a few spots on my chest, neck and belly. My first thought is that it's ringworm, but it doesn't itch at all. I haven't come into contact with anyone who has ringworm.  I can think that it may have come from a dirty bath towel.... or some sort of bedbug bite. I sleep with either boxer shorts or pajama pants on with no shirt, which could also be a possible cause.

Any sort of help would be much appreciated. Thanks
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