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White spots underneath the foreskin
I am a 17 year old uncircumsized male. If I were to pull my foreskin back, small white spots are noticeable. They do not seem to be sebaceous spots, frosomething spots, nor pearly penile something. They are located around a few centimeter underneath the head, in an irregular patch, on the underside of my foreskin where there aren't any hair follicles or pores(i believe). Have had them for years, do not bother me, but they are visible when the foreskin is pulled back. It also seems to be spreading, but very slowly. At first I didn't notice, but it has completely jumped to the other side. ( it used to be only on one side) Because of that it seems to be an infection, but they do not itch, turn red, smell, etc. They vary in size, from the head of a pin, to the point of one, and are whitish in color. What could it be? Very very weird...  They must go...Thanks a lot.
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