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Why a CT scan "Pancreatic Protocol?"
My doc visited this morning because i have some subtle pain, not severe (i'd say a 4 on 10 pain) in the upper-middle right side. i dont have nausea, nor diarrea, nor pain in the back, nor vomit, perfect stools.
and he want me to do a ct-scan "Pancreatic Protocol Right middle Q."

I did some blood and urine test 2 months ago and they were almost perfect except cholosterol and fats (duh..living in NYC with pizza na burgers..i know..)
Then I also did 2 motnhs ago a ultrasound to the abdomen because they found crystal in my urin, but everythign went good and i never felt pain pain on the abdomen.

so why a ct-scan now fo this new pain? why he's excluding a Colon Irritation or what? do I have pancreatic cancer?
my weight is the same i maight have lost some punds but juist because now i go to work on foot instead with bus.
as i recall i think i had a similar discomfot in the same area of the body after i took antibiotics and a flu...

i'm really scared now... i hate when docs they just write stuff on th epaper and you dont get why...
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   This will not be a complete answer, but I will try to help you to the extent I can.First of all, you need not have to worry too much about the tests ordered by the doctor, since scan with ' pancreatic protocol ' is only done to get more details about the pancreas, which may be missed in the normal abdominal scans. With the history of your repeated pain in the area, your doctor only wanted to see in more details the pancreas, which could be a contributing factor. You will get more details of the procedure from the following link:


But, here is a catch, the qualifying phrase ' Right Middle Q(uarter?) not very clear. What I am not sure is whether your doctor is interested in is the part of the pancreas he wants to see in details or the additional organs on the right middle viz., the liver and the gall bladder and their connecting tissues. Most likely I guess he also is asking for the details of the liver and gall bladder, which appears logical to me. In any case, go ahead with testing, and during the testing clarify this point with the radiologist and let me also know what he tells you.
Most likely, what you may have is either a muscular pain or a little fatty liver due to your fast food habits.
All the best,
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