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blood in urine
Can blood in my urine be caused simply by my enlarged prostate?  My urologist says this happens with large prostate glands.  CT radiology and flexible cytoscopy showed no other problems bladder or otherwise.  Periodically I see a dark piece of dried blood or skin in the toilet and then my urine is bloody, fairly bright red for several seconds, then usually normal after that.   I used to have elevated PSA levels--5.6--but several courses of biopsies found no cancer.  Now my PSA is 2.7.  Twenty months ago I had laser therapy and of course similar bleeding for many months subsequent--but that bleeding stopped a year  ago.  Now over the past two months I have the bleeding described above on about 10 occasions.  My doctor also say the reduction in PSA level is due to the smaller size of the prostate after the laser therapy.
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