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bump on head of penis.
i am an 18 year old male. i was circumcised at birth. about two weeks ago i noticed a bump on the tip of the head of my penis on the left side of my urethral opening. the bump feels hard, it is skin colored. the bump is painless. the bump cant be seen when im flacid but it can be felt. when i am erect you can see the bump and feel it better. the bump looks similar to a pimple but no whitehead on it. other than a bump there iss nothing irregular about it. it doesnot have a cauliflower like apperance so i know its not a wart. its smooth. there are no other side effects to it. i am married and have been with this person for about five years so an std is not a concern of mine really. i am worried that it is penile cancer but i also worry about things being cancer alot. i am planning on seeing a doctor but i wanted an opinion now mainly to find out if it could be cancer. im also wandering if its a sebaceous cyst. the bump is about 2cm in size. any help would be greatly appreciated thank you.
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