burst blood vessel on penis
by fairy1234, Jul 16, 2012
My Partner and I were having sex two days ago and he used a condom that was (he Felt) too small for him and felt tight, this caused his penis to go limp and he had to take the condom off, a while later he noticed his penis swell up and the skin all down the penis from the rim to the shaft went quite blue and swoolen, the swelling was still there the next day and again today, it was not painful however he had a morning erection this morning and it felt quite sore, Is this normal for this to happen from a condom or is there another problem
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by Arti Sharma, M.D.Blank, Jul 19, 2012
A condom is usually tight and fits snugly on the penis.But a too tight condom can restrict the blood supply of the penis.Moresoever there is vasodilatation in the penis during erection which further swells up the penis.The swelling will subside gradually. If he is having severe pain he may take some antiinflammatories.Refrain from sex for few days till your partner recovers completely. In case there is severe pain and the problem persists get it examined. That will help. Hope it helps.
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