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curve in my penis
when i discovered masturbation at the age of 6
i would rub my penis on  one side of my thigh
over time i found out the correct way to masturbate but as the result of my old masturbation ways
i think it left a curve in my penis
its either that or i was born with it and i found it convenient to masturbate like that

is this permanent?
will it heal? i'm 16 hitting puberty
can i develop serious conditions when i'm older?
is there a remedy?
and lastly am i the only one?
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A curved penis is very common.  If the curvature stays mild, it is going to work just fine.  Actually a bit of curvature can feel really good.  Curvature can be caused by scar tissue.  If there is a thickening of the skin on the inside of the curve side, it is called Peyronie's disease.  This is treated with vitamin E caplets.  
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