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I'm 24.  In a relationship with an older woman. Masturbate since I was 7; prone position. My first sex was very bad. I lost erection several times and felt so bad. The next time I was relaxed and tried to enjoy it. We had it for an hour. Erection most of the time is good. Sometimes when I do a painful position, It gets soft. My penis always points upwards. When I try to push it downwards, it gets soft. IS THIS NORMAL?

I can't ejaculate inside her. I have to thrust it in any part of her body to ejaculate. Is this because prone position?? or what?

After we finished once. We tried to do it again. During this time, I have the desire; but I sometimes lose erection and it comes back again, then lose it, then back. It gets hard again with stimulation. This happened without penetration; just post play.

Does this happen because I'm not used to sex?
Does masturbation (especially prone one) has any effect on my erection?
Will this go with practice?

I don't have any physical problem of any kind. I don't take any medicine. I had some sexual confidence issues and they gone in time. I have sex with confidence.

Please tell me what do you think doctor???
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Hi a couple of problems you have, ok the first one is about your p***s that sticks upwoulds, you could try some jelqing to help lower it down, just go to pegym and go to the beginners page, just do as they say and dont rush it.

The next thing could be down to what is done by the hand is remembered by the brain, so as you are now inside a women, ejeculation is differant, I think the way out of this is just more sex and try to stay inside her, and try to get her to bring her legs in a bit tighter, this way you get more friction as it should help with ejeculation.

A good tip would be just keep at it and try to cut out masterbating, and just keep to the sex.
Good luck
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