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im 17 and have no leg hair and no armpit hair
hello im 17 years old and i have no leg hair and when i say that i have like 10 straines of light blonde coloured hairs on each leg i have no armpit hair what so ever it looks like when a girl has just shaved her armpits and my legs look like i have shaved them when i havnt i have pubic hair it is sort of a light brown colour and i have no facial hair and all my friends at school have leg hair arm pit hair and facial hair and they all have lot of it and this really gets me down and sad and embarressed when at football i will put my socks on and all the boys will laugh at me and ask me if i shave when i dont and it is ruining my life i cant go to the beach or the pool in summer because i hate wearing shortsbecause everyone sees my legs and i cant get a girlfriend because of this because they would have more leg hair then me and if they knew they would laugh at me and i always wear pants even in summer this is really hard for me and i thought by 17 i would have at leaset leg hair and armpit hair i know people who are younger then me who are like 12 who have more leg hair then me and it cant be a gene thing because my brother had all this stuff at age 14
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