is masterbating really ok?
by boi113, Oct 28, 2008
ok ive been masterbating a whole lot since i was 13..... honestly i masterbate almsot 2 times a day everyday since i was 13yrs old... im now 19 and i still have that bad habit.... what should i do? and what can i do about it? is it normal? can it mess me up? im sexually activive and everything is ok with me... im just really addicted to masterbating. please reply thank you.
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by Dalubaba, Oct 30, 2008
Masturbation is a good habit. yes, you have read it correctly.It will not do any harm to your overall health as well as sexual stamina. In fact it reduces tension.Do not have guilty feeling about masturbation. Guilt feeling doed more damage tnan actual maturbation.Enjyou it fully.
by havalina, Oct 31, 2008
Most people will tell you there's no harm.  The only harm is that while masturbation is not harmful, one can become addicted to porn and that can cause other problems.  Over time you can become desensitized (both physically if your penis is touched too much) and psychologically (if you're viewing much porn) so that when you actually have sex, it could affect your overall pleasure.  It's just logical... if you overdo something, over time it just doesn't remain as special.  I recommend you delay gratification once in a while - maybe purposefully cut down to once every other day - NOT because there's anything to feel guilty about or anything wrong with it - just so when you actually do it, it will be that much more enjoyable (b/c you held out for it) AND over time (years) you won't be desensitizing yourself.  Just my opinion (with a little bit of personal experience thrown in -I'm 34.)
by SixStringer, Oct 31, 2008
For now, I will leave the porn factor out of this.  Masturbation can have its place, but by frequently self-satisfying, the relationship with another human is taken away.  If you are sexually satisfied, there is less incentive to have an interest in eventually meeting Miss Right, for example, and producing a family.  Sometimes, a guy gets used to quickly coming to an orgasm with masturbation, and once he has a relationship that may transfer to premature ejaculation.  However, you say that you are " . . . sexually active and everything is ok with me."  So, this may not apply to you.  Sex with a willing partner is such that masturbation pales by comparison, and the danger is that one would settle for less overall satisfaction and fulfillment.