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low t and low vitamin d and anxoiety
anyhow about a yr. ago he had lap band done and has lost 125 pounds since then he was ok untill sep 09 he started to have sinus infections and his head would feel like it was spining and major pressuer in his head and tingley feeling in his arm , so the doctor said he has anxoiety and has been on meds since , hes also on antibotics for major infection in his sinuuses and our sex life had droped , very badley because we have been trying to concieve for a while now  and no success, so he had a test done and his testastorne level is 29 and he is also lacking vitamin d very bad , what can he do i dont think he is suffering from anxoiety i think its the vidamin d thats very low its causing the t cells to drop , he is depending on the anxoiety pilss very much now

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