pearly penile papules
by socom123, Jun 15, 2006
Hi im 17 im a male and im a virgin i have pearly penile papules(i think thats what its call) the white dots on the penis head on the ring, i dont have that many i notice them when i was like 15 and its gettin worse by the time. i heard the only way to remove them its by laser surgery but i cant afford that, i was wondering if theres any other way to reduce them a cream meaby? i wash my penis head every day and i dry it verry well will that help? i have a girlfriend and im scare that she might think i have something bad like a std.
thank u.
PS   Sorry my english is kinda bad im hispanic.
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by knucks, Jun 16, 2006
I'm not even sure if laser surgery is worth it. They do not cause any problems, albeit they may look unpleasant.

Don't be worried about them.
by socom123, Jun 18, 2006
by somedude01, Jul 08, 2006
I have them too. When I was younger and more sexually active it definetly was never a problem. I have had women perform felacio and everything and they never had a problem with it.

I have seen urologist, general practictionars, and have been tested for veneral diseas.

The general practictioner suggested laser surgery as well. I dont know if it will do any good and might actually damage the penis.

I was working for a cable company and they accused me of having HPV. There is definetly a diffrence. I immediatly was tested and they actually tried freezing the perly penile papules. The swelled up like popcorn and grew back. They are natural and are technically hormone producing glands. The problem is they did cause some damage to my penis when they did that ****. Nothing noticable, but I notice it.

So if you get an odor down there use hand soap to keep it clean and it might actually get the pootang wet they are hormones. Hell you have a built in french tickler.

If i did not have them I would be happier. but if you find a girl to slob on your pole I would not worry about it. Just sling yogurt in her mouth and call her a *****. It will make you feel good.

Other than that dude I have bit of a reputation and alot of people cockblock and accuse me of having an STD, its not true.
by somedude01, Jul 08, 2006
Oh yea keep them dry and out of humid climate. I notice when I travel to humid areas they get fluffy.

Smoke weed and you can't even see them. I guess chronic has some effect on the cosmetic appearance of them.

Do your self a favor don't mention it to a girl. Most of the time I don't know how sexually active you are or experienced however most women give head.

I have never been asked about it ever. However I feel as though that maybe before a girl puts it in her mouth to maybe mention it and just be like its nothing to worry about. But thats your decision. I have noticed in some pornos some hoes dont know what they are doing. I have had girls run there tongue all the way around the ring, with the pearls. and then smile about it.

I also noticed the more I was banging the less i could notice them, when i was sitting around beating off they became more noticable.

I dont know if your kids will have them only about 10% of the male population have them. Hell i have seen dudes in pornos with them. If a girl makes fun of you for having them then put you tube in her kneck and say ***** you better suck that ****.
by pom82, Sep 14, 2007
does nayone think thye can cause pe since they kind of increase sensitivity??
by theonewhocares, Jan 26, 2008
yes , ihave them too im 27yr male, starting to notices them on my lower end of my penis and under the tip end, there is a way to cure them is by keepin dry, and using proper medicin , some use tooth paste to dry them out but burns in the mean time , or use benzyl peroxyde cream, but it wont be much to do the right thing is go to a dermatoligie and get it zapped off with the laser most effectt of way to not be imbaress
by dontavanikname, Feb 02, 2008
I used Sensodyne toothpaste on my PPP and it dramatically reduced it. They were only tiny though, only one line and really small.  Every morning and night I put a small amount around the edge of the head of my **** and left my foreskin back. In the morning I gently scrubbed it with a clean & clear facial wash, after about a week they basically had gone.
i have a shower twice a day, so i dont think ppp is about hygene. If my body needs ppp it will probly just find another way to make em come back. but for now anyway  
The toothpast is  
[b]SENSODYNE mint, and the face wash was [/b]CLEAN & CLEAR EXFOLIATING DAILY WASH.
by youngmj, Jun 18, 2008
IM 13 years old and i have ppp im too embaressed to tell my parents and im going to try the toothpaste technique hopefully it works but i dont know what i should really do about it any advise anyone im only young and scared.
by secret52, Aug 26, 2008
Im 16. i have only just found out what they where,
and saw this page, just saying thanks to everyone who put stuff up because i get really self conciuos about them when a girl gives me head and i would really liek to have them rid of asap, they are only small and few of them,
i had unprotected sex, im just wondering if that is a way i could of got them, are if not how do you get them? is hygiene a factor?