rough skin on boyfriend's penis
by sbbitirac, Sep 03, 2006
About a week ago I was preforming oral sex on my boyfriend when I noticed that the skin on the underside of the head of his penis and about a half inch on his shaft was rough. There is no visible change in that area, but I was concerned about a possible infection of somekind that could be passed on to me. The skin has remained rough in this area and he is not sure what the cause could be. The skin feels very abrasive (like sand paper) when I am performing oral sex. Could this be an infection of some kind or is he just masturbating too vigorously?
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by Maria1, Nov 26, 2006
I have the same quest. The underside of the head, just under the ridge, the edge/tip of the head, and some of the underside of the shaft is rough like sandpaper. I have noticed this three times since we have been together. It's not a large area just edges. It is very strage. He swears he doesn't know how it happened. I have read that improper circumcision can be a cause.  It doesn't happen very often. We are very active together. I would figure it would be more often not just once a month or so.  Please help. He is getting mad at me for freaking out but it does feel like sandpaper and it is freaking me out a tad.