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small cuts in penis
Often times when I have an erection I develop small cuts on my penis (usually in the scar area). I've tried moisturizers, creams, lotions, and so on (some help but most of it comes off in my underwear). I went to a Urologist who wasn't too enthusiastic about my med problem and simply said, "Look, you have a radical circumcision. You'll have to get use to it." He then left the room. I went to a NP who was more concerned and ordered a cream containing a steriod (it didn't work that well). When she retired her replacement immediately took me off the cream and said, "No steroids in open wounds!" But she proposed no other treatments. Finally, I went to a Dermotolgist who said except for a moisturizer, he didn't really know what to do. He suggested that I should see a Urologist. I told him that I had already been that route, but he insisted. So, I visited a second Urologists in another city and his response was, "I get paid to do circumcisions, not to undo them. Just apply some moisturizing lotion and maybe wrap it." That was a $125 well spent.
My question is this, doesn't anyone else have this condition/problem? Is there a solution besides applying gobs of moisturizing cream to the affected area? Or is like the doctor told me, 'just get used to it.'
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