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small white spots on penis
i am 18 and have lots of little white spots on my penis. The lower part of my penis is covered in smallish bumps which i think are blocked hair follicles. The white spots which are on my scrotum and cover the underside of my penis have little whiteheads. When i was younger (about 14-15) i had an outbreak of similar spots which i popped, producing a white substance. Some of these spots have hairs coming from them but many dont. I went to my family doctor a month ago but she said they were just whiteheads. I haven't had sex yet so it cant be an STI, i also wash everyday. Does anyone have the same problem? Will they go away? Last week i also found a tiny black spot on my penis at the base of my shaft. It is about 1mm and i thhink its just a blackhead but am unsure. Lastly, I have visited my family doctor twice but would like to visit a specialist in the area of malehealth, can you suggest anyone and tell me how to go about getting an examination.
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