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testicle pain and swelling post hernia surgery
i had open surgery for direct inquinal hernia 3 weeks ago. after the first 2 days of recovery my scrotum seemed to fill up with fluid and my penis swoll  turning red and blue but went down mostly overnight . at my post opp visit iasked my doc if testicular pain and swelling was normal and if one testicle (same  side as hernia) was hanging lower than other and that i could not cause it to retract. he said usually its the other way around (the testicle is sometimes assended slightly but after swelling decreased i should be ok) well i have testicle pain , and that testicle is larger than the other should i see a urologist or revisit my surgen . i'm concerned about testiclar torsionor spermatic cord being stuct to scar tissue ,these are things that pop up on internet quiries  but not with great detail .i'm stuck at home in hurricane gustav worried about my nut, help!
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