white film or "dust" on head of penis
by senyortortuga, Oct 25, 2012

so I had 6 months of a really itchy groin that was driving me crazy and making me nervous. I was tested for std's and was all clean, (Except for herpes which I already knew I had and the doctors said there was no connection.) it wasn't normal jock itch.
anyway eventually they decided it was eczema down there and the cream they give seems to be working so I assume  that to be correct.

BUT when I have an erection I notice a white film or dust on the head of my penis that wipes right off when wet. and it's just when I am hard. I remember seeing this when i was nervous about the itch a few months ago. so does anyone this part of the eczema? could it be related to herpes in any way? or yeast? ALSO, i am circumcised so it is not an under the foreskin issue.
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by NOHARD, Oct 26, 2012
Hi, Do you find this white film first thing in the mornings, you have not said if this is every day, I think the reason for this may be from wet dreams/night fall, any help.
Good luck
by senyortortuga, Oct 26, 2012
no it is not first thing in the morning but during masturbation when there is an erection is when i noticed it. and not every time but this past time there was also a lot of itching in the groin area. so is it possible that it is just dry skin?
by NOHARD, Oct 27, 2012
Hi Our groan and pubic area in general should always be kept clean and showered once a day and that includes your bell end, and if your having a problem around your groan try shaving away all your pubic hair, this way you will be relly clean, shave the same time you shave your face after the first time, remember only shave  downwards this way you should not get any trouble with an itchy cruch, works for me never had any problems down below, shaved for the last 35 years.
Good Luck