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Am I having a Mid life crisis?
I have been having a hard year. I am in my late 30's and have been married for 15 years to a really nice guy. He loves me very much, which makes this so hard... I have been a stay at home of 3 boys with my youngest being 11. Over this past year I have struggled with my life. I am normally active, but have concentrated on getting fitter and younger looking (I still look like I'm in my late 20's to early 30's) ... I'm not that attracted to my husband anymore and having sex with him is hard to do. This past year I've gotten a lot of attention from younger men at my gym. I actually was very close friends with my trainer, even though he is 10 yrs than me. He challenged me and was fun, attractive, and nice on the eyes and I think if 6 months ago he would of "wanted me", I would of done it. I got caught texting an old flame and my husband told me he was fed up with me and wanted his old wife back. I stopped seeing my trainer, even though we text every now and then, I miss him very much. (I don't know how to get over the feelings for him)
  I've always wanted to go back to school but have always put it on the back burner for my family and for my husband who has moved up the ladder in his company... Now I feel like my life is nothing. My kids are growing and they are at the age where they don't need me as much. I have NO education so even if I leave my husband , I wouldn't be able to support myself. And I really don't want to leave him, I just want to have fun in my life and he seems to be the guy who won't work out with me or won't go dancing with me....
Needless to say, I see my erratic behavior and for the past 3 months have been trying to get back to normal, but its hard. I still want to be young again do the things I sacrificed for when I was younger...
Ugh... So I believe this is a MLC... Any suggestions...
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