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New beginings OPEN INVITE!

Well today I see a soloicitor to discuss divorcing my Husband and best friend of 25 years. If you had warned me all those years ago that the man I loved from first meeting him, and trusted with my life, would betray me in such a breathtakingly cruel & selfish way, I would have laughed!
Little did I know then that in his Mid-life, he would morph into this man. The signs were all there. Lost weight, started wearing 21 year old son's clothes, the whistful mopping about the house like a teenager in the throes of puberty. Then the Affair. He seems to think that just because she is not younger than me (a year older) this makes it "true love" and NOT a midlife crisis! The connection he fails to make is that she was a girlfriend he had when he was young and life was a long road before him, to the sensible this smacks of MLC, To the man in the throes of this , well we all know how they reason and make their excuses.
I am a woman who copes though sense of humour, and will try to keep that despite the fact it does come out as sarcasim on occasion. ( well he DID drag me to this counrty, I'm American didnt really do sarcasim before!)
I would just like to say a huge THANK YOU to all of you out there. I know you are hurting andd confused, the same as I am, and the fact that you are here and I now have a place to go where there are people who know what I am going through.
I will do my best to repay you all by helping any of you as best I can.
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