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A place where people can come to discuss their experience with midlife crisis. Support and words of wisdom for the spouse that is not in crisis, what is going on in the head of the spouse who is in crisis, how each party can best handle it, what works and does not work.

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YEA ME!!!!


Back from solicitors. Wel Blimey, I had no idea the crap mid-lifers talk extended to lying about what I am and am not entiltled to after our marriage!

HE SAYS   " Your not entiltled to half of my pension, but I'll be nice and give it to you!"  

THE TRUTH    The law says you HAVE to give this to me, this is paid into a pension fund for my dotage, and if you are felling soo guilty that you are still willing to pay me in cash the other half then thats fine!

HE SAYS   "The law is we split the house equity 50/50, the law doesnt take into account who is wrong and who has been wronged"

THE TRUTH   The law may not do that sweetie but they DO take into account the fact that we have a seven year old with Aspergers who I will be the main carer for, and in truth it has been known for courts to side heavily on the side of the wronged party, even if there is no recourse in law to do this! And the best bit is you are responsible for him financially for alot longer than you bargined for as a result of his problems. My solicitor says  the very LEAST I can expect is a 60/40. however it will most likely be more like 70/30

My solicitor also says that I should be "very comfortable" after all this is done. And if you dont agree and want it to go to court, you will end up losing a sizable chunk of what ever you did get.

Dont get me wrong readers I dont want to cream him for money I just want what is fair. Our children have already lost respect in thier father, someone needs to show a good example.

I am off to look for cottages to rent!

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