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33yrs of migraines
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33yrs of migraines

I have suffered chronic mig. For 33 yrs. I have tried every med out there! Plus many procedures! I always try anything new. But havent had any luck.I have alot of bad reactions I do get relieve from fiorinal 3 and perk 7.5/325 for mig.but the fibro never stops hurting I take 100mg of lyrica 225mg of effexor and 300mg of trazadone at bedtime to sleep. But still can hardly get out of bed the pain is so bad! I've been on meds for a long time and pain meds have opposite reaction they usually give me energy! now I'm so tired all the time! Has anyone taken adderall (adderrall) to fight the terrible fatigue?
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  Hi have u had ne testing to see if there was an underlying issue causing ur migraines?

A cervical spine MRI or a brain MRI....

Checking the bones in the cervical spine for instability.

Testing for ICP.....
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Potential migraine triggers include:

*Hormones (eg: high estrogen/low thyroid hormone)
*Bright or flickering lights
*Cigarette smoke
*Low blood sugar
*Alcohol most notably beer, red wine and whiskey
*Allergies/intolerances (eg: gluten intolerance)
*Bright lights, loud noises, and certain odors or perfumes
*Physical or emotional stress
*Changes in sleep patterns or irregular sleep
*Tension headaches
*Foods containing tyramine (red wine, smoked fish, figs, aged cheese, chicken livers, and some beans), monosodium glutamate (MSG), nitrates (eg: bacon, hot dogs, salami) artificial sugar substitute aspartame, nuts, peanut butter, chocolate, avocado, citrus, banana, onions, dairy products and fermented or pickled foods, fried foods.

Studies show the following supplements can help prevent or relieve migranes (migraines):

*Magnesium: 500 to 600 mg per day (most migraine patients are found to have low brain magnesium levels during migraine attacks - one clinical trial found 80% had a complete elimination of migraine pain within 15 minutes of taking magnesium).  The best forms of magnesium are citrate, taurate, glycinate, malate, oratate and transdermal oil.

*Riboflavin (vitamin B2): 400 mg per day

*Vitamin B12: 1000mcg per day

*Fish oil or flaxseed oil (both contain omega 3): 1000 to 2000mg

*125 mg capsule of powdered feverfew leaves a day

*Coenzyme Q10: 100 to 300mg a day

*Ginkgo biloba: 120 mg per day

*Ginger: 500 - 3,000 mg per day (using ginger capsules or tablets)

*5-HTP: 200 – 900 mg per day

*Borage seed oil: 1,500 - 3,000 mg per day (alternatives: evening primrose oil and blackcurrant seed oil)

*Progesterone (Many women experience migraines as a result of estrogens dominance): ¼ to ½ teaspoon of progesterone (cream applied topically) on day 12 through to day 26 of the menstrual cycle

*Calcium (especially when consumed in conjunction with vitamin D): 1,000 - 2,000 mg per day

*Niacin (vitamin B3): 500 - 1,000 mg administered as soon as possible after you notice the onset of a migraine

*SAMe: 200 - 400 mg per day

*Melatonin: 3 mg per night

*MSM: 2,000 - 6,000 mg per day (using oral MSM). The beneficial effects of MSM are enhanced by the concurrent use of 2,000 mg of supplemental vitamin C per day
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Yes selma I've had every possible test! Docs say it's hereditary my father has 8 sisters who suffer from them and I have a half. Sister who also has them! I've tried all the preventive meds and they either don't work, I'm allergic or the side effects are to bad. I'm 51 and docs say that they should ease with age lol!
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I just have to ask if you've had nerve block, trigger point, and at least 250 units of Botox injections.  And are you also aware that taking pain relievers more than twice a week can cause rebound migraines?  Especially Fioricet causes brutal rebound migraines.
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Nanny I have been dealing with migraines for over 26yrs. and was doing everything and some of it illegal..  I found out last year that the FDA made it possible to use Botox and I am a Dancing fool.  I get about 50-75% relief from it and when I do get a migraine now ... Most of the time a anti throw up pill and 800mg Aleve along with a beta blocker works ( if I catch it early)

Hope that this helps...
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Nanny, You've gone silent.  You asked for help, but now with some new suggestions, we hear nothing from you.  That's so often the case on this site.  People ask for help and then go silent.  Is it just to complain or do you really want help?  It's been 2 months now.
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